3 Important Tips for Building a Property


  1. Plan for permits – When trying to give a time of completion, take the time to consider the time it may take to get permits. In some cases, obtaining a permit can be quite hectic and lengthy in time. Avoid missing the deadline and plan ahead.
  2. Get supplies with value – There are so many construction supplies that are cheap and high quality. Finding these supplies will allow you to build an amazing structure for less.
  3. Communication – Making sure everyone involved is informed is an important task. This keeps everyone on the same page and makes the whole build efficient. Allowing everyone to do their task without interfering with each other.

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3 Reasons to Build with Stucco


  1. Weatherproof: Stucco homes will stay standing, no matter what the circumstances. Stucco is a weatherproof material that will not erode come rain, snow, heat, or the like.
  2. Malleable: Construction workers can shape stucco into whatever size or shape needed to cover your home. This makes working with stucco much more convenient than most other materials.
  3. Easy to Clean: Stucco is completely easy to clean, as dirt just washes away with the spray of a garden hose.

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3 Stucco Repair Tips


  1. Crack Direction Counts: Are your stucco cracks horizontal or vertical? Take note of your crack’s direction before making repairs, as vertical cracks can point to foundational issues, which require professional evaluation.
  2. Clean First: If the stucco crack you are repairing is wide enough, clean it out with a screwdriver before refilling it with mortar. This can protect against allergen buildup.
  3. Cover with Fiberglass: After you have filled your stucco cracks appropriately, seal them with a coat of bitumen-coated fiberglass for extra protection.

Are you looking for stucco repair supplies? Jimshare Advantage offers a wide selection of stucco repair supplies to give your house that fresh new look.

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Plaster and its Uses


  1. Construction – Plaster is at every construction site being used as the exterior surface of buildings, businesses, and homes. You can also use it to patch up walls in the home. It’s also great at simulating wood and stone.
  2. Art – Did you know that plaster have been used to create masterpieces? Michelangelo used plaster to create the Sistine Chapel ceiling! You read that right, plaster is used to sculpt pieces on walls and ceiling.
  3. Medicine – Plaster is apparently good for your body, too. When you break a bone in your body, doctors use plaster to help repair those bones. We usually call it a cast, but it’s cast in plaster.

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What we offer!

The Jimshare advantage is one of the largest distributors of construction products. Whether it is threshold tape or scaffolding, we have it! You can even order a truckload of plastic sheeting, any size or thickness! We have poly masking film to protect clean surfaces from paint, mud and splatter. Are you working on a site that requires scaffolding? Order our scaffold frames that can be clipped at all different sizes.

Come check us out at www.jimshare.com

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